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Ever since our Kickstarter success, we’ve been testing different products that we can print-on-demand in San Francisco. Right now, any custom watches you want are yours – send us a photo, your small business logo, whatever you want, and we can put it on a watch.
Well now you can buy wood watches at our site!
But we wanted to play with cool materials, so we turned to Will and Lichen Studios. Here’s what Will had to say about his process. My thoughts? The fact that he calls it “pretty simple” is hilarious … nothing about this was easy :)

The process is actually pretty simple, there’s not much to it.  Much of it is actually to get it to fit within the watch and keep the face from warping.
  • Apply an adhesive backing to the wood veneer so that we can stick it to the backing plate.
  • The veneer is etched and cut using the laser–the depth of the cut (burn vs. cut) is set by using different power settings.  This gives us the raw wood faces.
  • The faces are lightly sanded to remove any burn marks and clean up the surface
  • Then the faces are sprayed using a UV-curable clear coat.  Basically, we spray them twice, wait about 10 minutes for them to settle, then put them in front of a very powerful UV light, which cures them instantaneously (and gives you a pretty bad sunburn if you’re not wearing long sleeves and gloves).  We do this for 3 reasons–they look better, they will warp less in the long run, and it actually soaks into the wood fibers, making the face stiffer.
  • Once that’s done, we rub them with a really fine steel wool to make them extra smooth & even, then package them up for your assembly guys.

One thing he forgot is that Ashil, crazy Ashil, had to come up with the laser design.

And then Jae and David needed to assemble the watches. But whatever, those details are old news!!


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  1. Chris Gibson says:

    So when can we expect real carbon fiber watch faces? mmmmmm… carbon fiber……

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