WonderRoot and Modify Partner for the Together Watch Fundraising Campaign

WonderRoot + Together
Modify is THRILLED to partner with Atlanta-based non-profit, WonderRoot. During the month of June, for every ‘Together‘ watch sold, $20 will go to directly benefit our amazing non-profit partner.

WonderRoot is a family of designers, musicians, social justice workers and career volunteers.  Day in and day out these people come together to imagine a better world through the arts.  With a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change, WonderRoot works to support artists to have successful professional careers while addressing issues of environmental justice, health and youth development.  Ten years ago, three best friends envisioned an organization that would bring together Atlanta’s most passionate thinkers and activists with both individuals and communities to create a more equitable and beautiful Atlanta.  Today they have reached thousands of youths and artists through its award-winning and life-changing programs.

Modify is over-the-moon excited to be able to support WonderRoot’s mission by using our voice and social media channels to help spread awareness of the organization and its services, and raising money through the sale of the “Together” watch.  The “Together” is the perfect face to start with to build your own watch. It goes well with all color bands and, coupled with the $20 donation to WonderRoot, makes for a great philanthropic gift to others or to yourself.

Even if you choose not to purchase the “Together” watch, we hope you will please consider supporting WonderRoot by learning about its mission and discovering ways you can help, including, volunteering or donating money or goods.  You can also show your support by liking them on theirFacebook page, as spreading awareness of domestic violence can help prevent it.

One important note: If you love the design, act fast. When we sell out of the Together watch, they will be gone for good, and we will create a new interchangeable watch to support additional organizations.

How to buy? Directions below, but if you have any questions, please email aaron@modifywatches.com!

  1. Click here to visit our “Build” Page
  2. Choose your size, “Classic” or “Mini”
  3. Click “Browse More Faces on the left”
  4. Select the Together Face. Then choose a strap or straps and other faces to complement your collection

Thanks for helping us support an incredible organization,

The Modify Team

PS – Learn more about WonderRoot here, or read more below:
By partnering with mission-driven organizations on social justice issues, WonderRoot develops community oriented programs that enhance and sustain the work of other non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area.  One of our most outstanding programs is through a partnership with Forever Family.  Forever Family works with young people whose parents are incarcerated, providing them critical developmental tools.  In just their first-year partnership with Forever Family, WonderRoot artists and filmmakers are leading a digital storytelling initiative with middle school-aged youths helping them to find their voice as young and dynamic leaders.  The end result will be a series of short films, shot and edited by the students! WonderRoot focuses on both process and outcomes.  Along the way to developing their voices and films, these young people are learning about all parts of filmmaking – storyboarding, cameras, writing and editing!
The WonderRoot Community Arts Center has all sorts of resources for artists.  Members gets unlimited access to a recording studio, darkroom, digital media lab, screen printing studio, ceramics studio and about 15 different classes each month.  That’s not to mention a music venue, gallery, community library and garden.

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