Why Wear A Silicone Watch Band?



Chemically speaking, silicone is called polymerized siloxanes. What does that mean to you?  Probably nothing.  Unless you’re a Nip/Tuck fan.

What should it mean to you? Think of things like Silly Putty, dry cleaning solvents, fire stoppers, ice cube trays, and of course, our colorful silicone watch straps.

We’ve been preaching the positives of silicone for years, and can’t see a reason to wear anything else. Buuuut how did we at Modify decide that silicone straps were the ones for our customers?

We want you to be able to modify your look to your heart’s content, so durability is number one. Why would we want to give you a watch that won’t survive the elements and stand the test of time? Bad pun.

Second comes the color options. Silicone straps have the versatility in chemical makeup to be made into any color, so you have more options to #ShowYourColors!  (We’ll break down the colors of the rainbow – and our customer’s preferences – in a future post.)

Third is what is called “thermal stability,” or the ability to maintain its properties within a wide range of temperatures. What this means for you is that you can wear silicone watch bands while hunting moose in Alaska, or riding a camel through the Sahara.

And finally, these silicone bands of beauty do not support microbiological growth. So, you won’t have a moldy wrist. Which is pretty nice.  Benefits galore!

And not to bash the competition, but how about that old leather strap?  Always absorbing water, smelling funky, shredding at the seams, and only coming in limited colors. No thanks. And metal bands? Enough with the yanking of our arm hair – ouch!

You can wear the silicone strap while spelunking, changing your oil, or tough mudding. And when it’s time to get gussied up for that formal event, it won’t smell. Helllllllo ladies… or gentlemen – whichever you prefer.  We’re not here to judge.

Durable, colorful, versatile, and fun – that’s the Modify Watch silicone strap. We’ll keep making ‘em if you keep wearing ‘em.

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