Why Manufacturing Interchangeable Watches is Like Fixing a Golf Swing

Quick post, inspired by my 17-year old high-school-senior cousin Matthew…

Couldn't find a picture of Matthew, so this is his sister Susan. Drinking, um, Green Tea

Version 2.0 (yay!) is in production. In  my mind, we were supposed to have it by February 2011, but a reasonable expectation would have been July 15. Now, we’re delayed by another month, and we’ll be releasing by September 15. To keep up with the hot new custom watch, please like our Modify Watches Facebook page.

Or, just find this guy and ask him for the latest news

We have worked with Matthew to design custom watches for their high school, Solon. And he called to check in – “I’m ready to pay you: show. me. the watches”. I explained the delay and he asked


“Because, when you tweak one thing, you need to tweak other things, which slows the whole process down”

“Sounds like a golf swing”

And that, dear ModiFamily, is why friends don’t let friends manufacture new products.

By the way, here’s a first shot of our prototypes… notice the new buckle and, well, 2 sizes. And gee, water resistant. And, um, thinner profile.

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