Why Looking Good Makes You Look Good

Why Looking Good Makes You Look Good

First impressions are one of the strongest impressions that people make of you. In fact, first impressions tend to be permanent. So, if you are going into anything, whether it be an event, a business meeting, church or other place where you could meet someone and form a favorable relationship, it is the first thing you should be thinking about.

First all you should dress for your age. So many people try to dress “young” or make themselves look older. They end up overdoing it. Consult with online magazines or other fashion sources for tips on looking younger or older without overdoing it. Next, dress in clothing that goes well with your body type. Some women look great in dresses, while other look better in pant suits. Match this up with your personal style and you will have a great look that makes a great impression.

Next, wear colors that go well with your skin color, hair and eye color. People with blue eyes are famous for wearing clothes that really bring out the blue hue, but people with green and brown eyes can have the same effect. What happens when your eye or hair color is complemented by the color of your clothing? People can’t help but do double takes. They will also get the impression that you care about yourself. They will think that you have a great personal style.

What do you do if you feel you have something unflattering about yourself? First of all, it’s probably not that bad. Most people think there is something about themselves that does not make them look great and feel they are being judged by it. Rest assured, most people don’t even notice it and if they do, they are probably worried about what you think of them! If you have a pimple or a birthmark, then consider using makeup or anti-acne medication to cover it up. If you are a larger person, then wear darker clothes that are neither too small or too big. Wearing darker clothes does not mean dressing in all black. Don’t forget to get colorful accessories to lighten up your look.

Finally, let’s talk about makeup and jewelry. For makeup, you want to wear colors that are not too bright. Unless you are a makeup artist, keep those “experimental” colors to a minimum, even in your every day look. Wear eyeliner on either the top or the bottom lid, but not both. Get tones that match your skin tone, whether pinkish or yellowish and go get makeup that flatters your skin tone. For jewelry, you will want to buy “neutral” jewelry, like gold, silver, and pearls (go faux if you are on a budget). Keep it to one or two rings, bracelets, watches, etc. Take out face piercings and only wear them with your friends.

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