Who Won March Madness in 2013?

Searching for the winner of March Madness in 2013?

You’re in the right place. The winner of the NCAA tournament was the Louisville Cardinals. Who did you put on your bracket to win this year? Below is a picture of the final score in the championship game:

winner of march madness 2013


Surprising huh? The teams with the highest odds of winning were:

  • 1. Kansas
  • 2. Duke
  • 3. Indiana (most favored team to win)
  • 4. Louisville

Just like anything, nothing is ever certain. What made this team a winner? Many have said they won because of their tough coach, strong bench, and tough players. Others said they possessed a strong motivation to win for their guard, Kevin Ware. I even heard that they wanted to win so their coach could get a tat. What are your thoughts on that?

We actually favored Louisville to win and because of that, we made a watch for all you Louisville fans. Check it out!

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