Who Likes Free? [Free Watch Giveaway Details Inside]

spring giveaway

Who likes free?

Honestly, we all do! Today we’ve decided that we’re going to have some fun! We’re giving away 5 watches, but we need you to do something for us.

1. Log into facebook

2. Share this photo with your friends

What are we giving away?

We’re giving away 5 watches from our Spring Line. The watches you see in the picture above are the ones that you have a chance of winning from.

Will you log in and share the photo? We would greatly appreciate that!


  1. Laurie says:

    entered… thanks. These are really cute watches and will be great for spring. Hope I win.

  2. Cain says:

    I would choose the stealth watch with a black and a grey band.
    Krazy Kat freebies

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Great choice. Really, really great choice!

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