What’s Dope about Modify Watches?

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(Besides our looks, of course!!) If you’ve taken a scroll through the Shop page on our website, you’ve probably noticed we have like a million color combinations. There are literally thousands of dope, interchangeable watch combinations to find a Mod that shows your style.

Everything from sporty watches to show your team some love to the hottest spring watches, like rose gold, mint or black polkadots. But we know our ModiFamily is a sophisticated crowd and you all want more than just a pretty face! So what else is dope about Modify in addition to our quest to bring you the latest and greatest personalized watches?

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Modify Watches is they are interchangeable. Captain Obvious strikes again, I know. We have two sizes, Classic and Mini, and you can mix and match all the faces and straps within each size. Some types of interchangeable watches can be difficult to change straps, while others are so easy that the face of the watch falls right out while you’re wearing it. That’s awkward, right? Kind of like walking around with a napkin stuck to your shoe. Good news friends, this is one problem you won’t ever lose sleep over again!

Our watches are super-duper easy to mix and match. And there are hooks on the top and bottom of the face that fit right into the band. This keeps things nice and snug and right where they should be, always a good thing.

And when you’re ready to modify your watch, it’s even easier than waiting the two minutes it takes to microwave a Hot Pocket.The key to modifying your watch, is to pull on either side of the band until the rubber tongs that hook into the top and bottom of that face pull out. You can then pull the face out. To put a face in, start with one side and press the plastic tongs on the face into the rubber indentations on the top of the watch.

pistachio modifySo that’s cool. It’s easy to mix and match, kind of the point of having an interchangeable watch, right? We didn’t stop there in bringing you a sweet watch. Another feature we think is pretty dope – water resistant watches. Yep, all of our Mods are water-resistant to 3ATM, which means you are good to shower, swim or workout with your Modify Watch. They aren’t meant for deep sea diving, so if you’re swimming for sharks, leave your Mod on the boat. The faces are made with stainless steel and scratch resistant PC. And the straps are made with super soft and lightweight silicone straps, where comfort really meets fashion. Umm, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.. just say no to sweats!

So before we dismiss class, what is one more reason to LOVE your Mod? How else are you going to show off your Pistachio Mustachio during Mustache March? Because seriously, not all mustaches are created equally, especially those made of food. Modify’s lime green watch strap + black face is a much better option, just take our word on this one.


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