What Will We Modify Next?

[This post is written by none other than Gary Coover, person extraordinaire]

Every day back at Modify HQ (and virtual HQ), all of us on the team wear any number of hats.  Ashil, Liz, Sean and Aaron wear an assortment of hats (CEO, sales , customer service, community outreach, visionary, operator, strategist, crusssssshing it, etc.)  I wear far fewer hats than anyone else, but likely more hats than the average 29 year-old male with a monster dome and a sinfully delightful head of hair.

Back in 2010, when the snozzberries tasted like snozzberries, one of the hats I was wearing (and still do) was figuring out what we Modify’d next.  While we were/are/will-always-be focused on delivering phenomenal watches, we’d like to think that we can extend Modify beyond just watches.  So I thought… and thought… and slept… and ate Oreos… and thought.  And BOOM, it hit me.  Modi-Belts!   The world would rejoice as it danced with glee with a Modify on their wrist and Modify around their waste!


Alas, we eventually decided that the Modi-Belt, while genius, was probably just too much awesome to ever be street legal.  While the idea is not officially dead, it’s in a coma at the very least.

That said, we’re still trying to figure out what’s next.  Modify necklaces (swappable pendants!!!)?  Modify scarves (interchangeable dangly things!!!)?  Modify face-lifts (adjustable lift levels!!!)?

This hat is getting heavy – throw me some ideas!!!

With love from Korea,


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