What do you modify with your Modify?

What do we modify with our Modify?  SOCKS!!!

By now, you understand Modify Watches.  You may even love us.  Or maybe you just dream of us on your wrist but can’t tell your current watch company for fear they get jealous.  Don’t worry – we’ve heard it all before.

And most of those who love us love, love, love to modify their Modify.  The beauty of a build your own watch is that it is also an interchangeable watch.  But you know this.  So our question to you is what else do you modify to go with your Modify?

As you see from the photo above, some of us at Modify have been known to modify our choice of socks to fit the right watch.  Nothing better than matching fresh socks with fresh watches.   Coover also wrote a blog a while back about how he changed his shirts to fit his Modify.

So – our question for you is, what do you modify with your Modify?


  1. Derek Davis says:

    The best thing about it really is you don’t HAVE to change anything for your mod. I have a collection of a few different faces and about 10 or so bands that I’ve purchased over the last month and I always have a mod that goes with what I’m wearing. My mod always matches what I wear for work, school, any occasion really. I even have a mod for going to Ducks hockey games, SC football games, Laker games.

    That being said, sometimes the point is to not match which is also easy with Modify. Wearing a red shirt + black pants? Neon green face and band. BAM.
    Skating with friends? I’m rocking purple on purple, friend next to me rocking green on green, and friend next to that is rocking orange on orange.

    Basically you can do anything with it.

  2. Brandon says:

    I definitely match my watch to my outfit. It’s fun to figure out which color strap and face combo to go with when I’m picking out my outfit for the next day. I have a few favorite outfit + watch combo matches.

  3. marindarrell says:

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