Welcome to the ModiFamily!

Welcome to the ModiFamily!

Welcome to the ModiFamily! You just made the best decision of your life (unless you’re this kid). The ModiFamily is the world’s most exclusive club. Okay, maybe 7th most exclusive, but your life is still about to get a heck of a lot more exciting and it’s a pleasure to have you aboard.

In case you have no idea who we are, we are Modify Watches; a 2-year-old startup that creates unique, interchangeable watches for you to Show Your Colors, whether you want to be (quiet) or LOUD.  Everything we design is limited-edition and we often find ourselves designing custom watches for cool brands like Google, Adult Swim and Shutterfly! We also have licenses with awesome properties such as TETRIS, deadmau5, the MLB Player’s Association and more.

Community involvement is important to us. Each month we partner with a different non-profit to raise awareness and funding for that specific cause. Read about our program and this month’s partner here. Okay, okay we’ll stop talking about ourselves, but we could go on (you can brag when you have your own blog).

We exist for YOU and because of YOU. Believe it or not, but we already love you like Starsky loves Hutch, like Rocky loves Apollo, like Spongebob loves Patrick (you get it). When we feel an abundance of love from family members we reward them with the title, “ModiFamily Member of The Month”! We look forward to maybe crowning you next, and just in case you fall head over heels in love with Modify like so many others before you, you can join our Mod of The Month Club subscription service to satisfy your “Moddiction!”

Now that you know what we have to offer, we want to know what else we can do to be even more DOPE for you. Yep, we’re looking for your feedback — we’ve grown and continue to thrive through feedback from our community.

1.     The ModiFamily is everything to us, which is why all of our designs are voted on by YOU! Check out one of our latestfan voted designs for our upcoming Cal Bears Watch!

2.     We name every watch (yes, naming watches is acceptable behavior in 2013) and we get our names from our fans. Check out the names submitted for our NEW Glitter Face + Black Glitter Strap! Think you can come up with something better?

Not so fast! We know you’re excited to go tell your grandparents about us, but we have a few asks of you first…

1.     We ask that you take Moderrific, smiling photos like these and send and post as often as possible.

2.     Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to stay up to date with Modify (you never know when exciting will happen) and find out about our exclusive sales and special deals!

3.     Tell us what we can do better. If it’s nothing, tell us that. Confidence boosters are cool. The only person who doesn’t need any is Pete Weber.

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