The Wedding Proposal

Here at Modify, we’ve always had a special bond with the wedding community.  Here’s a guest post from ModiFamily member, Reginald Onyido, that takes the relationship to the Next LEVEL.  We think this is pretttttty amazing… or, rather, we know it is. Enjoy!
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My girlfriend (and now current fiancé) have been in love with Modify Watches for years and been together just as long. When one of us purchased a Mod, the other had to get one as well.
The Proposal:
I took her to the place where we had one of our first dates (Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden). The first year we went we took pictures together as we walked through the Blooms and Butterflies Garden. But this time around there was a twist… I was proposing. I hired professional photographers who would be waiting on us to arrive, only they were to pretend they didn’t know her or I but wanted to take pictures of us as we walked around together.
After about a short time the photographer said, we got some great candid shots can we do a few staged ones as well? I groaned but ultimately gave in. Staged in a walkway, I got down on one knee with a Modify Watch and asked her to marry me.

At first she didn’t realize that I had a modify watch in my hand and thought that I was joking. Once she realized that I was serious she said of course she would marry me.



Just WOW!

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