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Wedding Party Gifts
The Modify team has, um, very few people who are married, who have actually had to worry about wedding party gifts. Now, we’re all lovers, not fighters; but only Charlie (gifts: engraved flasks & playing cards) and Ashil have actually taken the plunge. Into the scary ravine of commitment. The rest of us are working on more simple commitments
  • Justin – committed to hokiness. “Oh man, you’re in deep shitake” (for example)
  • Erik – committed to eating everything in sight. And pushing some MLB Watches in hopes of joining a team
  • Andrew N – committed to being the new guy on the team
  • Daniel L – committed to being even newer than Andrew (more on these jokers later)
  • Michelle – committed to the fight for doggy rights
  • Vlamis – committed to being an extra in a movie about a wedding party
  • Ayo – committed to putting in as much effort on defense as he does shooting
  • Aaron – committed to avoid gluten and dairy and cats
  • Doug – committed to keeping us out of jail (THIS IS SERIOUS DOUG, DON’T LET US DOWN. WE WILL GIVE YOU GIFTS IF THINGS WORK OUT)

Why are we bringing this up? Well, recently Catherine Lowe (nee Giudice) and Sean Lowe got married (“E” covered it, if you want better imagery/stories, they, um, might have you covered). You might know them as America’s sweetheart couple. They won The Bachelor, and more importantly, they won our hearts.

Well, what happened at the wedding? The entire bridesmaid and groomsmen crew got Modify Watches as wedding party gifts. Why? Because they’re stylish, obvi.  Well played Mr. & Mrs. Lowe!


Wedding Party Gifts

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