Watch Packaging: Too Awesome?

Great Packaging

We were pretty excited about the new Modify watch packaging design experience, though some of your feedback has made us a little wary. Is it possible that you, our ModiFamily could love the new package design more than the Mods themselves? A few comments from actual customers

  • Lauren: “But perhaps what I love the most is the packaging!!! You guys did an amazing job! It’s like opening an Apple product. There’s the right amount of design, minimal packaging, and snarkiness to get people excited about what’s inside. Excellent work!!!”
  • Dom: I was surprised when I opened you package! I love the packaging too and mostly your sincere hand written letter, that means a lot to a customer!!
  • Samir: “Got a box of your new line this week, thought the packaging and watches were really well done. Nice work. Remember me when you’re rich.”

3 months ago in a post, Ashil shared a picture of the Modify watch packaging design approach:

Here are some photos of the experience, a teaser for those who haven’t taken the dive. For those who have, did we hit the target? Anything about our watch packaging design we can improve upon as we revise?

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