UC Berkeley’s Own Oski the Bear Makes his Mod-debut

Oski in Blue and Yellow

Attention all you Cal Berkeley alumni – the greatest gift that has ever come out of Berkeley (ahem – besides the 22 Nobel Prize winners), is now ready for sale and for gifting to Cal fans young and old.  Please welcome the newest addition to Modify Watches – the Oski the Bear Cal Watch.

Since long before Modify‘s roamed the earth in search of wrists to conquer, there were some special bears in this world – bears that captured our hearts and stole our imaginations, without ever trying to rip our heads off and eat us for lunch (like this).  Off the top of our heads, we think of four obvious illustrations of such bears: the Care Bears, Teddy Ruxbin, Winnie the Pooh, and of course Bear Grylls.

However – while maybe not quite as accomplished as the Care Bears or loquacious as Teddy Ruxbin, UC Berkeley’s own Oski the Bear is pretty sweet.  And Oski is the ONLY bear on that list that has his own Modify.

This bear is so well beloved for his hatred of the color red and ability to point you to the nearest Top Dog that it cannot walk into a bar or frat house in Berkeley without being bought a drink (little known fact – Oski is in fact a Miller High Life kind of guy).

Oski is available on our website in both the classic and mini sizes.  You can mix and match the face with up to 13 straps – guaranteeing the right strap to compliment Oski.



  1. I think that UC Berkeley’s Own Oski the Bear Makes his Mod-debut is a great one. I think that those great looking watches would be loved by my cousins. I also like their designs and colors.

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