Trumaker, A Perfect Fit for the Customizablog


If I were blind I would want, neither fine clothes, fine houses or fine furniture.

— Benjamin Franklin, Sartorially Misguided Amazing American*

Benjamin Franklin was very good at a lot of things — the violin, the harp, listing stuff, oceanography, flying kites in storms — and he was fan-freaking-tastic at many others — formation of government, progressive thought, working out Daylight Savings Time, finding electricity.

But unless you are super into buttons, dig the idea of white wigs or have an affinity for gold stitching, taking fashion tips from ol’ Silence Dogood might not be in your best sartorial interests.

What would be in your best interest, however, would be consulting with the wonderful folks over at Trumaker.

Trumaker is a San Francisco-based custom shirt maker dedicated to one incredibly awesome mission: Making you, the potential customer, THE most perfect shirt you’ve ever owned.

How, you ask?

By making your shirt, for you. Yes, a shirt, with buttons, that is super well-constructed, made specifically for you.


Yeah. Your measurements, your choice of fabrics. And they have tons of fabrics.

Into gingham? Figure out which one first. Yes, which one. There are lots of them. Whoomp, whoomp whoomp whoomp, Gingham style.

Like chambray? It’s 2014, who doesn’t. Trumaker’s got you covered… In red, black, gray and navy takes on the closet staple.

Can’t find a tartan print that works with your chest/shoulders/stomach/mirror? The Connor will do that, AND work way better for “Out of the House Time” than the Snuggy-Top Sider combination thing you got going on at the moment, too.

No tartan, eh? How about a little navy Japanese chambray with a cream stripe? Yeah? Cool.

Now consider this: They never run out of your size. And your size is your size. None of this, “Am I a medium? Or a small?” No more, “Well what size do you wear, Mr. Sales Associate?” No more, “It fits good around the chest, but it’s tight in the shoulders.”

Trumaker shirts always fit you. Period. No one else, yet everyone else at the same time. It’s a personal clothing experience.

If you’re still asking why this is awesome, consider this: Most clothing manufacturers have four to seven standard sizes (S, M, L, XL, and sometimes XXS, XS and XXL), which seems reasonable. Sort of.

It’s reasonable in the same way that a $14 Philly Cheesesteak sounds reasonable at a baseball game, like in a, “Sure, I’m here already so it must make sense” kind of way. And in the same way that a $14 Philly makes sense only at a ballgame, 3.4 billion males fitting into seven shirt sizes makes sense only inside a retail clothing store.

But directly outside those stores exist lots of real people. Try fitting them into seven size categories; guaranteed someone loses when it comes to fit.

But that’s where Trumaker steps in. They don’t subscribe to the seven-size theory either. They believe that made-to-measure clothing didn’t have to be complex or costly, which is awesome. They set out to create a local, personal brand, “tuned into technology and ecommerce.” They also wanted to eliminate shirt-fat, excess fabrics and poorly dressed dudes.

And those are all things we here at Modify can get behind. With or without a hypothetically blind Benjamin Franklin.



* His official title. Seriously… Don’t believe us? Good. We have no proof. But we might start a profile to address the matter.

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