Three Fashion Classics For Less Than Fifty Dollars

Three Fashion Classics For Less Than Fifty Dollars

Fashion isn’t just about what’s trending, it’s about personal style. It’s about letting your hair, clothing and accessories shout out to the world about who you are. Still, there are some fashion classics that go well with any style or preference. Picking up these three fashion classics will help give you something to build on – or just add to your already glamorous stock of fashion repertoire. Oh, by the way – they all cost under $50.

Fashion Classic Number One: Animal Prints

Animal prints can make your wardrobe pop without screaming like a banshee. Did you know that the rich and famous (and royal) have been donning animal prints for centuries? Animal prints are exotic, and symbolize the elite of fashionistas. Zebra prints are great, because their neutral black and white prints can go with nearly any color, color palette, or outfit. Modify Watches sells this gorgeous zebra print in their interchangeable watch line.

You can do two sizes for men or women and swap the face out to go in any of their solid-colored watch straps. No animals were harmed in the making of these watches; they look great and are animal-friendly.

Fashion Classic Number Two: Black and White

Bold, simple, easy to customize, black and white fashion is here to stay. Just like the zebra prints mentioned above, you can use black and white and easily add a pop of color to make an ensemble more interesting. Black and white’s versatility lends itself to a whole line of patterns: polka dots, stripes, diamonds, solids, flowers, etc.

Black and white are arguably the most interchangeable of colors (black bottom & white top or black top and white bottom). Modify Watches has a line of changeable watches that include a lot of black bands, white bands, black faces and white faces. They also include black and white patterns. Again, these fashion accessories cost under $50 and can be used with outfits all and sundry.

Fashion Classic Number Three: Tropical Colors

Beautiful, bold colors are always welcome in any closet. Reds, greens, blues, yellows – they attract attention and highlight the wearer’s most attractive features – eyes, skin color, hair color. Best examples? Guys with blue eyes wearing a sapphire shirt, really brings out those stunning baby blues. Blonds heat it up by wearing candy apple red. Pairing up the right color combination can be tricky, but with some work, tropical colors will make anyone look and feel their best

We hit all three fashion classics by designing durable, beautiful and versatile watch faces and watch bands. We have lots of options to choose from: bold colors, blacks and whites, as well as patterns, prints and icons. We are always adding to their line of watches, so you should keep going back again and again. Our watches are very affordable and because they are changeable you save even more money. Watches have always been a practical fashion accessory, but who knew they could be so much fun to wear?


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