These are a few of my favorite (fans)


We give and we give and we GIVE. [insert whining sound]

And then, when we’re fed up with the ModiFamily (fake fed-up, just go with it) you go and send us care packages. Like, really cool care packages, way cooler than some colorful watches. Well, in the last few days we’ve received two of them. One for Ayo (jerk) and one for Aaron (hero!!!!!!!!!!!).

We’re going to treat this like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’s predecessor, the $1oo,000 Pyramid. Kind of a bad analogy, but all we’re saying is that we have two teams.

1) Ayo + Christine Flohr (representing “Visit Wabash County“)


2) Aaron + Josh Brewer (representing Mother Earth Brewing)

Ayo. With the elephant. In the fulfillment center


The obvious winner. Just look at that winner's haircut

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  1. Bhavin says:

    Sorry A-rock, but gotta go with the elephant. Now what’s with the mustache on that volleyball on Ayo’s shirt?

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