The SEED Project

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It’s a brand new year, which means a brand new Together partner, program and watch face! Instead of partnering with a new non-profit each month, we are going to stay partnered for 3 months, which will allow us the time to truly make a difference for the organizations we’re working with. Along with the change in our program, we’re introducing a New Together Face!

Our first Together partner of 2014 is the SEED Project, which develops responsible, thoughtful and educated leaders capable of contributing to the positive transformation of their communities, country and continent. Their vision is for their students to graduate college/university with the capability to participate in a global economy and the intent and skills to contribute to the development of his/her community.

Copyright Alessandro Simonetti, All rights reserved

In order to make their mission reality, the SEED Project uses basketball as a hook to engage students in academic, leadership and community service programming, and as a tool to increase advancement opportunities. They are committed to providing students with a top education, a specialized curriculum to foster language proficiency, a mandatory leadership curriculum with social responsibility participation and team-based training, which demonstrates critical intangibles such as discipline, tenacity, perseverance, communication and teamwork.

We’re excited to be supporting the SEED Project through March by donating $20 from each sale of our Together face! Show your support and get yours today here!

Copyright Alessandro Simonetti, All rights reserved

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