The Modify Straps Factory

Continuing from this post about Modify visiting Shenzhen. Below is photo gallery of our Straps Factory

Step 1: Precision Tooling is made. Aaron grins like idiot

Close-up view of the *branded* Modify mold (to prevent knock-offs)

Step 2: The raw strap material is segmented. There are no jokes for this caption.

Lotsa super-secret strap colors

Step 3: Material is loaded onto the Modify mold

Step 4: A bear on a beach ball juggles (you can figure out step 4 yourself)

Straps destined for quality control. I give my "peace" of approval (PUN INTENDED)

Step 6ish: Package straps in Matt and Ashil's master creation - the Modify Strap Box!!!

Step 7: Defeat Factory Boss. Earn Level-up

The whole team, Modify USA, Modify Shenzhen, Modify HK

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