The Meaning and Symbolism of the Three Primary Colors

We live in a world where we take color for granted. It is all around us! But in ancient times, certain colors, like red and purple, were rare and expensive. It is why they are considered the colors of royalty. In ancient China, only the emperor could wear yellow, and it was taboo to wear yellow. Anyone caught wearing yellow in ancient China were executed! The ancients took their colors seriously. Nowadays, we see lots of color when buying things for children, going somewhere tropical or in art galleries. Unless we are in the creative arts, we don’t think much about color or its effect on us. Here are some of the meanings, symbolism and effects of color on us a modern society.

The Meaning of Color – Red

The color red is a positive color. Red is an energetic color and it is used to represent the strongest and most energetic emotions – love, lust, passion, anger, excitement and others. Red as an energetic color also energizes us as human beings. It motivates us to take action. It is the color of physical movement and therefore awakens our physical life force. It also stimulates human sexuality and is used in flowers, hearts, cards, erotica and makeup (lipstick). Red lipstick simulates blood flow to the lips caused by arousal and is one of the most popular colors in lipstick. It is also high on the list of favorite colors.

The Meaning of Color – Yellow

Yellow has an interesting dichotomy of meanings. In the positive, yellow is happy, optimistic, sunny and warm. It is the color of lemons and bananas. It is a loud and bright color that screams, “Look at me!” On the other hand, yellow can represent cowardice, which is where people get the expression of calling someone who is scared, a yellow-belly. People with yellow skin are generally sick. Still, yellow is a favorite among kids and happy adults alike for its wonderful, warm hue.

The Meaning of Color – Blue

Blue is a distinguished color. It represents trust, dignity, intelligence, authority, cleanliness, and understanding. Blue is one of top favorite colors of people around the world. Blue is a fixture in business attire. Blue is also a color representing the sky, and thus holiness, spirituality, and serenity. Blue suppresses appetite, because naturally, there are not a lot of foods in nature that are blue. Blue in the negative sense can be associated with sadness. We’ve all had the blues! The blues also became a popular music genre, born out of the sadness of the artist. Blue is calming, like water.

Wearing Color as Accessories

Wearing colors on your body shows what you are feeling, what energy you have and how you want to present yourself to the world. If you feel like wearing a certain color, but its not in your wardrobe, you can always change around your accessories. We have a wide variety of watches, watch faces and watch bands. They are changeable, so you can mix and match your favorite colors as you see fit. Let the meaning of color shine for you!

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