The Domo Edition of “Know Your Memes”!


The time has come for Modify’s first annual edition of “Know Your Memes”. You all know that unforgettable face and who could forget that toothy grin… but where did Domo start? His popularity began as the mascot of a Japanese TV station and he has since made a name in the West and is now one of the most recognized characters throughout the world. Here is a quick clip to take you back to Domo Kun’s early beginnings:

Now that you know where it all started, what is the best way to see more of Domo’s face? With a HOT interchangeable watch from Modify, of course! Modify created a custom Domo watch face that you can mix and match with our durable silicone straps to create your own personalized accessory.

There are dozens of ways to make your own statement with the Domo face and removable straps from Modify. Add some spring to your step with the bright pink strap and “Domo Knee-Deep in Cotton Candy”. Can Domo be knee deep in anything…since he has no knees? Or if orange is your new pink, you need to check out “Domo in Deep Orange”.

Domo RojoWhat’s the only thing more $weeeeeet than a DOPE mod from Modify’s Domo collection?  Picking one up for free, of course! The “Domo Rojo” Mod is the perfect addition to your mod collection. It’s a classic, you can take ITS word: “YO SOY DOMO ROJO. For those who don’t habla espanol, that means, “I am DOMO ROJO!” May all other DOMO’s bow before me!”

Win this humble beauty TODAY as part of our Mod-A-Day-Giveaway for March. All you have to do for a chance to win is enter on Facebook at: Your entry will also give you a chance to win $1,500 in cool personalized products to modify your life! The grand prize package includes dope product from Modify and our stylish partners BucketFeet, Pure Fix Cycles, Timbuk2, and Westward\\Leaning!  Good luck and may the DOMO be with you!

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