The Best Ways to Wear Deadmau5 Merchandise and Fashion

Who is Deadmau5? 

Deadmau5 (actually pronounced “dead mouse”) is actually the stage name of Joel Thomas Zimmerman. He is a Toronto-based, Canadian progressive-house music producer and performer. Deadmau5 produces a variety of styles within the house genre and sometimes other forms of electronic dance music.

Where did the name Deadmau5 come from?

When Joel Zimmerman was a teen, a mouse chewed through his computer and shorted it out. When he took apart his computer, he found it dead. All of his friend called him the “dead mouse guy.

What kind of music is Deadmau5?

Deadmau5 is a mixture of electronica: House, Tech House, Progressive House and some Dubstep.

What characterizes Deadmau5 merchandise and fashion?

Deadmau5 fashion is eclectic, casual, with a bit of outrageous thrown in. Of course, Deadmau5 fashion uses the iconic mouse head with the huge ears. Deadmau5 merchandise uses a lot of t-shirts – either wearing the giant mousehead with a t-shirt or wearing the mousehead icon on a t-shirt. Jeans are a must-have in Deadmau5 fashion, although jeans may or may not have the Deadmau5 head on it. Outrageous fashion uses the mousehead with a electric lighting, flashing lights, a light show or bright colors. Pretty much anything goes when decorating a Deadmau5 head – from solid black to whacked out patterns.

Where can you get cool Deadmau5 merchandise?

Modify Watches has tons of Deadmau5 merchandise options to choose from. The best part is that you can buy several watch bands and several Deadmau5 watch faces. Here is how you can show your own personal Deadmau5 style:

1. Browse through the watches until you find all of the Deadmau5 watch faces.

2. Browse watch straps.

3. Pick out the colors that you think totally represent Deadmau5 style!

4. Buy them.

Where should you wear your Deadmau5 merchandise?

1. At their concerts.

2. While buying their music.

3. When watching them on YouTube.

4. While listening to their music.

5. While dancing.

6. At parties.

7. Out with your friends.

8. At school.

9. At work.

10. While skateboarding.

11. While snowboarding.

12. While visiting their website.

13. While visiting their fanpage.

14. While chatting with fans.

15. While commenting on forum boards.

16. While blogging about them.

17. While watching them at the Grammy’s.

18. While sharing on Facebook.

19. While tweeting.

20. Your answer here…

As you can see, the places where you can wear your Deadmau5 watch are endless.

Wait! Do you think there should be more mouse head options? Send us an email and tell them what colors and styles you think we should have on our watches. Tell us what you would definitely want to wear. We will listen to you! Then, get your friends together who are also Deadmau5 fans and have them also send in their design ideas.

That’s it! If you have all the best Deadmau5 merchandise, you definitely don’t want to miss out on getting a mouse head watch. Get your Deadmau5 merchandise now!

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