The Bar Fight – why we’re addicted to naming watches

When Gary and I started Modify last July, we quickly realized that we weren’t so much selling watches as we were selling collections. This felt about right – Ashley (errrr, Mrs. Modify, my fiancee) calls me a “pack-rat” because, well, I collect everything. Growing up I had baseball cards, Magic the Gathering cards (PROUD OF THIS), pennants, shoes, pins, and, of course, Archie Comic Books. I was a Betty man.


Well, with our sporty watches, you’re not simply getting a watch. They’re, um, interchangeable, so you get the opportunity to mix-and-match. How, then, do we distinguish between the Black/Blue and the Black/Black? By spending hours and hours arguing over what’s the most clever name.

Gary, currently based in South Korea, is our pop culture guru and leads the naming exercises. He has an actual job though (we don’t pay the sucker), so the average of 2 hours / watch-name has become onerous

Fortunately, as a successful multinational, we now can afford to have 4,000 monkeys typing up names and descriptions for us.

so cute and still so smart

Some recent highlights

  • The Watch: I’m a watch
  • The Red Watch: I’m a red watch
  • The Joker: Wait til they get a load of this watch
  • Xlaskdjfa: asdipuahynl,l;lkylkwa776alkwe

These were the highlights. So, in a HUGE shift of corporate strategy, we’ve decided to ask you, the greatest watch community there is, to help us name that watch… we’ve got 90 new combinations coming soon. Keep watching our Facebook page. We’ve already had over 100 suggestions for 2 of our watches!

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