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Mix-and-match to build the perfect Mod-to-Order timepiece!

Editor’s Note: Carmen Zeng!!!!!

I’ve always wondered about what goes on behind closed conference doors during staff meetings, whether the people inside are discussing about objectives and the current progress of the workplace or if they are just meeting up to waste time in the guise of “business”. Fortunately as of this week, I was given the privilege to attend and participate in our staff meetings. I observed how the CEO (editor’s note: HE IS AWESOME) brought together the team and kept us connected like clockwork, productive by running on time and directed towards the same goal by synchronizing our Modify Watches. The meeting provided me with insight into how other members of the team disseminated information and carried out decisions in the event of a logistical challenge. Based on what I’ve heard, there seemed to be an agenda and goal present. I guess you can say that Modify holds great meetings.


What did I have to do here? Quality check our product, something we do with every shipment!

Regarding the completion of my first project, it turned out that some of the contact information that I retrieved was inadequate. But we shouldn’t be discouraged by failure right? An internship should be a meaningful learning experience. It’s important to take responsibility for our actions, so I went right ahead and repaired my assignment. The lesson I learned here is that it is imperative to “triple check” your work when it comes to recording contact information. Nevertheless, I’m glad I agreed to take part in this assignment because I’ve gotten to experience the beginning attempt in generating prospective sales leads.


I spent some time in the storage room unloading inventory this week. It’s a relatively small room, but every square inch of space appeared to be maximized efficiently. I believe that it’s more common to get locked out or trapped inside a room, but I was actually stuck leaving this room since I have trouble closing heavy doors. Eventually, I found a way to resolve the issue. I think it’s probably best if I leave the rest of the story out.



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