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Note: Posted by Andrew Nguyen, Office DJ.

On August 15th, Modify was apart of one of Storefront’s free popup shop events called #HowWePop held at the docks of Fort Mason, which featured vendors from all around the San Francisco Bay Area. We first found out about their event through their Storefront listings, and we could not resist the opportunity to work with one of the leading companies in the pop-up shop industry.


We had some really big goals in mind for this event. It was our chance to meet some of you guys face-to-face, and to be able to share the Modify dream to others who haven’t heard of us yet. From artists to morning radio talk show hosts, it amazes me how cool the Modify family really is. It was an amazing reminder that although we are all so similar, we all have different ways to express our unique selves.


Throughout our time at the event, I’ve learned that a pop-up shop gives us the opportunity to practice explaining what Modify is all about. Although everyone have some kind of social network linked to their photography (stop posting my baby pictures mom!), we all have certain photos that speak deeply to us, and with our custom watch  abilities, it’s now your chance to express your amazing selves!




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