Stephen Fowler’s BowTie!

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Who is Stephen Fowler and why is his awesome, limited-edition BowTie design getting put up for sale on our website? Well, you should know. YOU voted for it! That’s right, Stephen’s BowTie won our Mod-to-Order Fan Design Competition back in November. Now that Mod-to-Order is a real thing (see Kickstarter), we’re adding Stephen’s watch to our collection and so should you! Until Sunday, 6/1 you can pick up this watch face for only $25, which is $10 of it’s normal price! Grab it here.

We asked Stephen how his love and relationship with Modify came to be. Here is his story…


I first discovered Modify my freshman year when their lead designer, Ashil came to a residence hall panel on creativity and entrepreneurship. He talked about creativity and finding your niche, and I was intrigued by the “dope” watches with removable faces. The rest was history.

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I’m a rising junior at Emory University studying Communications, mixing together marketing, journalism, digital and social media to tell stories in engaging and creative ways. I am the proud owner of 19 bow ties, so when I saw this contest I knew what I had to do. I wanted to design a watch that told my story, that was accessible to everyone, and is something that people can wear pretty much for any occasion. As a social media fanatic, I also saw this as an opportunity to see just how powerful our personal social networks are at spreading ideas. My friends encouraged and supported me through the whole process, spamming Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with this digital representation of who I am as a person: a little bit of sophistication mixed with casual coolness. With my watch, there’s always time to be classy!

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