Modify Watches is the featured Startup today on Startup America!!!

Startup America - 6 Tips

Startup America Partnership is an incredible organization aimed at promoting and supporting startups as they navigate the difficult waters of entrepreneurship.  Modify has been a partner for a while now and has been a benefactor of the wisdom and resources shared by the Startup America team.

Today must be our lucky day, because Modify is the featured partner for Startup America!  They must have a soft spot for dope watches or maybe just an appreciation for a good Watch of the Month Club, but whatever it is, we’re the top banana today.  Don’t believe us – check us out below!

As part of being featured, Startup America asked Aaron to share some wisdom in the form of 6 Startup Lessons Learned by Modify Watches, which Aaron gathered from his almost two years of working on Modify Watches, plus countless others working on his previous companies.

Plus – not only did they ask Aaron to write… they asked Aaron to talk too!   And he talked pretty!  The Modify team is so proud.  Check it out below:

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