A Mod for All Seasons – the St. Patty’s Day Mod


Hate getting pinched? We hope so. It hurts.

Hate getting pinched AND enjoy St. Patrick’s Day? Congratulations, you’re like 99 percent of the Snake Ridding Celebrators.

But you also have a problem: Green isn’t the easiest color to work into your outfit. It’s loud. It’s specific. It’s not blue. And these facts leave you, the St. Patrick’s Day Observer/Pinch-Detester, in a precarious position.

You normally can do one of three things.

1. Wear green, sacrifice sartorial integrity. Feel strange the following day for purchasing a green tie.

2. Wear green boxers and/or socks, shout at incoming pinchers that, ‘Yes! I am wearing green! Hold on!’

3. Disregard tradition, deal with pinching.

If none of those sound appealing to you, we here at Modify have afforded you a fourth, wonderfully understated option.

We call it the St. Patty’s** (not to be mistaken for the Peppermint Patty) and your mirror will thank you. Don’t like the overzealous holiday participant dressing up like asparagus every March, the one who fashions themselves as a sort of Passion Police, monitoring their peers’ enthusiasm levels like a spirit seismograph? Ward ’em off with this watch*.

Happen to be a lieutenant in the Passion Police, wearing your stripes proudly in the form of a green-striped nautical sailing t-shirt? Definitely buy this watch*. Is anything more demonstrative of Irish dedication than wearing a watch emblazoned with a four-leaf clover? Fine, you have a point. Is there anything that takes place outside of a pub that’s more demonstrative of Irish dedication than wearing a watch emblazoned with a four-leaf clover? We didn’t think so.

It truly is a one size fits all moods watch*. So, whether you’ve pondered changing your first name to “Saint” and your middle name to “Patrick” (or “Patricia”), if you just dislike pinching, or if you fall somewhere in between on the St. Patty’s Day spectrum, this is the watch for you.

Oh, and perhaps more importantly, all Modify Watches are water-resistant (read: liquid-resistant), the St. Patty’s included. So no matter how you choose to celebrate, the St. Patty’s* is the watch for you.


More Important than a Footnote

* This watch isn’t for sale… YET.  It can be yours if we hit our Kickstarter fundraising goal that will enable Mod-to-Order custom run watches



** Three guesses as to why! Winner gets to take their own pulse.


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