Sneakers By Jordana Now Designs Watches!


That’s right! The amazing artist behind Sneakers by Jordana, Jordana Schrager just released custom Modify Watches! You can shop her collection at Use code JORDANA at checkout to receive 30% off her collection through Sunday. Below is a guest blog from the talented artist herself…

“My name is Jordana Schrager and I am the founder of Sneakers by Jordana, LLC. I am a student at the University of Michigan, majoring in Art and Design and minoring in Business. I started designing sneakers when I was a sophomore in high school. I first doodled on a pair of old white Vans for myself and wore them around town. After receiving great feedback and high demand for my custom sneakers, Sneakers by Jordana was born. Once I arrived at the University of Michigan, my business grew dramatically, and with increased demand, the value of my product increased significantly. The design skills I learned enabled me to improve my custom sneakers greatly. As a result, I have been able to expand my customer base to include corporations such as the Barclays Center and Taco Bell, celebrities such as Nick Cannon, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Pink, and charities such as the Best Foot Forward Foundation, St. Mary’s Hospital, and the GRAMMY Foundation. Altogether, my goal is to create a special connection with each customer, learning about their interests and passions so I am able to custom design the perfect sneaker.


My designs for the watches were inspired by three of the most popular custom sneaker designs I have created. Watch A was inspired by the many different floral prints and plaid prints I have explored. On my sneakers, I love pairing these two prints together to make a sweet yet chic look. Watch B was inspired by my love for fashion and staying up to do with the latest trends. I received great feedback on these designs on my sneakers, so I wanted to explore this idea more with the watch designs. Watch C was inspired by the young and fun side of Sneakers by Jordana. I chose to work with bright, vivid colors and funky patterns to really bring out the fun side of my designs. I hope you all enjoy my designs!” ~Jordana

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