Sneakerhead love for Modify

Great review from Kicks Addict! Looks like Modify does a pre-tty nif-ty job if you want to match your kicks, mr. and mrs. sneakerhead. Aaron is Mr. New Balance, so he only wears the white-gray combos… Check out the Kicks Addict review:

“Modify Watches launched its sophomore collection of dope interchangeable watches today—now available in two fresh sizes, 80 fly combinations and with a sleek, streamlined design.  At just $40 a pop these watches can be mixed and matched depending on the day, your attitude or newest pair of kicks.  Our current favorite? ‘Cash Money’ silver and green. Check them out at – available for pre-sale now.”

Sneakerheads love Modify

match your sneakers, mr. and/or mrs. sneakerhead!

Modify, where you can build your own watch!

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Great choice. Really, really great choice!

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