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Custom Modify Watches Starter Kit

Lots of folks are asking to do custom watches for their groups, teams at work, or for re-sale. We’ve done a pretty robust custom watches business over the last three years, having worked with plenty of BIG brands that hit our order minimums.

Custom watches for major clients

Well, now with Mod-to-Order, we can do custom watches for YOUR group / team / club / business too. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to enable our ModiFamily to get fully custom watches. We call it Mod-to-Order, our take on “Made to Order.” You want a watch with a picture of a cat in a burrito? We will be able to deliver it if we can hit our goal!

Custom Modify Watches Starter Kit

Below are a few of the ideas our fans have requested: 

  • Wedding parties or groomsmen / bridesmaid gifts

  • Congratulatory gift for your team at work

  • A new canvas for your artwork, for you or to sell

  • Your niece’s little league team

  • Private label watches for your retail store

  • Incentives for sales people

  • Thank-you gifts for clients

  • Softball teams, fantasy football leagues, Magic the Gathering leagues, other things that adults do to have fun

Our pricing for Mod-to-Order is below. If you’re interested in choosing one of these options for your Kickstarter donation, just email us at and we’ll sort it all out.

Custom Modify Watches Starter Kit Pricing

You can design your own watch; and for orders of 50 units or more we will deliver a full suite of custom work from our Creative team. For smaller quantities, if you want us to design your watch, we charge a flat $150, which comes with 3 design iterations (don’t worry, we’ll nail the design).

You’ll get sweet watches. The only tough decision is if you show ’em off or share.

Email us at!


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