#ShowYourColors… Or Not



One of our taglines is “show your colors,” and we want every ModiFamily member to express themselves through their wrist candy. However, we’ll let you in on a little secret (shhhhhhh) our bestsellers from this past holiday season skew black, white, and blue.

What gives, Roy G Biv?

Our goal as a team is to give you the best possible buying experience, and for you to exceed satisfaction with your purchase. If you are really happy with those basic blues, blacks, and whites, then mission accomplished.

But we have a secondary goal that is shown through our slogan. We want you all to #ShowYourColors. There’s a reason we produce so many different ones! We want you to stand out, be unique, get noticed.  And it all starts with how you wear your Mod.

Here are some ideas:

1. Match it with your clothing. Example: Today, team member Ayo is wearing a gray shirt with some gold trim on it. So, naturally, he decided to toss on the Gold Glitter watch with a white strap. The strap goes with his shoes, and the gold glitter matches the caps on his front teeth (not true!). Either way, his look really pops.

2. What’s the weather like? What time of year is it? We all know that white shoes after Labor Day are a HUGE no-no. What makes a watch different? You have to Modify with the seasons! Red and green on Christmas, Brown and Orange on NFL Sundays (for you Cleveland folks), and even our spring collection for Easter. Baseball season? Find your favorite team.

3. The ModiFamily is expected to stay hip and cool. Especially hip. You must stay up to date with the current colors and trends. Any real fan would already know that the 2014 Pantone Color Of The Year is Orchid. And you’d know that we have Orchid in stock. So you need to be “so 2014” and then Fergie can’t say “you so two thousand and late.”

So just a simple “ask,” lover-of-interchangeable:  please start SHOWING YOUR COLORS! Was that too loud? Apologies, you shy peacock… you pre-bloom flower… you blue-, black-, and white-buying fool.

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