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If you own a Mod, then you probably already know all about sliders. Sliders are the small silicone loops that come with your strap to hold in the excess band when you wear your Mod.  Or, at least that USED to be what they were used for.

Thanks to our ever-creative ModiFamily, sliders have taken on several different uses, and we’ve compiled this list of some of our favorites.

1. Modify your Keychain


  2. Mix and Match your earrings


  3. Organize your home or office – in style!


  4. Keep the straps you aren’t wearing from feeling lonely


  5. And the last (and personal favorite) use of sliders on our list is to share with friends and strangers to introduce them to the ModiFamily


By the way, sharing the ModiLove can pay dividends to you AND your friends.

Do you have a fun and unique use for your sliders? Share with us at:


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