Shake Shack! Or, How to Be BFFs

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*The* benefit of running a startup is that you get to meet other startups. They’re interesting. They can commiserate. They have funny startup jokes (“What did the investor say to the entrepreneur??? No.”. Hahahahaha!)

Annnnnd, they trade you swag. Take Shake Shack, for instance. We sent them watches, they sent us the following

Shake Shack is #1

Itemized List for you

  • 2 t-shirts. Which I would normally share, but will not this time. Schwartzy’s gotta look good
  • A wrist band. They took into account that I play hoops!
  • Hand-written note, confirming my role as a burger buddy
  • (Note: The New Balance 993 are mine)
  • A notebook for note-taking and heart drawing (in which the heart says AS+SS; which you can read inappropriately but you don’t have to if you know my initials and the initials of Shake Shack. Come on.)
  • Stickers. For days.
  • Oh, I don’t know, CHOCOLATE.

I remember when Shake Shack opened. Graduated from Columbia in 20014. Then started to eat a lot of burgers. Because they are delicious. Like really delicious. Delicious enough that they have a CAMERA TO SHOW YOU THE LENGTH OF THE LINE (SO MUCH ALL-CAPS, SO DESERVED)

Over the past few years we’ve partnered with some awesome brands, and received freebies from BushakanTimbuk2, Sole Bicycles, , a guy who gave Ayo gas on the side of the road (seriously) and more. But man, free burgers and clothes and stickers? That’s kind of tough to beat. But then, Shake Shack goes and sends one more thing, making me look sweet, and they slowly pull into the lead.

Shake Shack Sunglasses


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