Congrats to our September ModiWinners!


If you keep up with us on social media, you know about the 3 awesome promotions we ran during the month of September. If you don’t keep up with us on social media wellllllll, come on. come onnnnnnnn

The first promo gave anyone who is a member of our Mod of The Month Club (MOTMC) the opportunity to win a chance to design their own custom Mod! The second was for the chance to win one of our QR Faces by participating in our Nerd Voting Bracket. The final promo was our partnership with Glow Run where we awarded 10 lucky winners with a Mod!

Congratulations to the lucky winners…

MOTMC Winners

  • Robert Sullivan
  • Sam Mende-Wong
  • Suzy Bethshark

Nerd Bracket Winners

  • Yvvone Hocker
  • Robert Smith
  • Mary Buldin
  • Ric Victa
  • Rhonda Holmes
  • Al-Amad

Glow Run Winners

  • Lesslie Casey Reigle
  • Carmen Kula
  • Liha Burlin
  • Kimberly Devlin
  • Sharron Lawley
  • Heather Moore
  • Deidre Brown
  • Max Dink
  • Marjie Wilburn
  • Sarah Doering

Keep an eye out for our upcoming October promotions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for you, including a chance to have your own design become one of our watch faces. Good luck and show your colors!


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