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ModiFamily member Abby Hoy hosted a Modify Selling Party in Wabash Indiana last year. It was a HUGE success and Abby was kind enough to write about her experience and offer advice for any future Selling Party hosts.

When I agreed to be the guinea pig for a Modify sales party last Fall I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Sales is NOT my thing but my love for Modify is eternal and after some gentle coaxing from Ayo and Michelle I decided to give it a go! When I started planning the party I had two main objectives in mind:

1. Avoid throwing a cookware/jewelry style home hosting party where the host (your “friend”) traps you at their house and pressures you into buying something you don’t need. I speak from experience – I have a drawer full of overpriced bamboo kitchen utensils.

B. To do Modify justice for being the amazeballs company that it is, I wanted to give my friends a taste of the Modify Experience.  Anyone that owns a Modify knows it’s not just about the watches. It’s a community and a lifestyle. I wanted to somehow get that feeling across.

III. To have fun! (I know I said 2 but this should ALWAYS be your objective).

So I started planning and about a month later I threw what can only be described as “The Greatest Modify Sales Party of All Time” (TGMSPAT for short…er). It was a lot of work but Michelle held my hand through the whole thing.  I sold a ton of watches but most importantly started a Modify revolution in the little City of Wabash, Indiana.

It is my personal challenge to YOU to steal the TGMSPAT title from me and just to be kind here are some tips.  Don’t worry, I’m a gracious loser.

  • Two words: Shameless Promotion. I handed out flyers, did Evites, created a Facebook Event, Hired a Skywriter, stood outside wearing a sandwich board…you get the idea.
  • Do your party as an open house.  If your friends are cool (which I’m sure they are) they’re busy people! They might not have a full evening to dedicate to your event and allowing them to drop in makes it easier for them to attend.
  • Take pre-orders! Find out what your attendees are interested and take their orders in advance to make it easier on yourself during the party
  • Have it at a public location.  Your home is…well it’s your home and not everyone is going to be comfortable coming there. Find a local store that sells to the same age demographic as Modify- you bring them foot traffic/they save you from having to clean your toilet. Win-win.  (But please clean your toilet anyways…because that’s just gross)
  • Hire a photographer.  And by “hire” I mean guilt a friend into taking pictures for you….Modify will even give them a free set (one face and two bands) for helping.
  • Have the watches out for display so guests can touch them and create their own favorite combos…watch them fall in love with Modify (see what I did there).  Be around to answer questions and gush affectionately about how much you adore your Mod.

Modify Selling Party

  • Make it interactive. I did a photo booth (above) and posted the photos online afterwards.
  • It’s hip to be Square…get a Square so you can take credit cards at the party.  Cash is soooo 2003 and do they even MAKE checks anymore?!?!

And last but not least….

  • Supply food and drinks…and if your party go-ers are of age I suggest supplying ADULT drinks. Loose lips sink ships but loose wallets buy watches.  And nothing makes a wallet looser than a few ice cold beverages… (don’t judge my sales techniques)

Now go forth and sell.


Are you interested in hosting a selling party? If so, contact us at

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