Seattle newborn photographer puts your baby on a watch :)


We’ve seen a lot of fun uses of our watches, but one of our favorites is when folks put adorable baby photos on there. One of our customers, Dana, is a Seattle newborn photographer, owner of Red Poppy Photography. We have created a few watches together, and below is one of her son… pretty darn adorable. The beauty of Modify of course is that you can mix-and-match to let your kid know how you feel. If he’s being a little whiner, use light blue, the color of his tears. If he’s being a lil’ jerk, consider wearing the red strap so that he knows, “Oh, my parents are mad at me.” If you’re going to the zoo, wear a yellow strap to imply, “If you don’t stay by me, a giraffe might steal you”. Given that we’re stealing her work, we thought you might like to know just *why* Dana decided to become a newborn photographer instead of, you know, taking pictures of the rest of us.

I started my company in 2012 to combine two of my passions: photography and newborns. Photography was my main hobby for over a decade at the time, but newborns were a relatively new passion: I first fell in love with newborns when I had my own baby a year before. I simply adored his tinyness, the cute faces he was making, his dreamy smiles. When I started my business I was pregnant with my second baby and knew that I wanted to be a newborn photographer. I took a workshop with two of the leading newborn photographers in the country to learn the basics and dove right in.
We’re hoping to feature more of y’all, so if you have an interesting story of how you Mod, or something you want to share with the rest of the ModiFamily, please share!!
Oh, and here’s a photo of Dana and her husband Amir and their two boys. 1, 2, 3 … “awwwwwwwwww” :)
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