Sailing with Z


The Modify team had an offsite last week. On a boat.

Not dangerous, as Zara, our fearless skipper and ModiFamily member, promised that we wouldn’t tip. We didn’t believe her, but her First Mate, Bunnie, backed her up.

Captain Z giving her crew instructions

Captain Z giving her crew instructions

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You can see her custom watch there, designed by Daniel, Modify’s wildcard.

We started the day with a few hours of work at the office (you didn’t think I would have a full-day offsite, did you? We’re a startup!).  Then we stopped at Trader Joe’s to get a bunch of chocolate. And nutritious food, we swear.

Off to the pier at that point. There was a lil’ puppy hanging on the boat before we took off. No canines on the trip, unfortunately, but the send-off was much appreciated.

We took Chaika out past Alcatraz and Angel Island. Around back the water was calm and we had a delicious (healthy) lunch.

Then the wind got crazy-sauce. Aaron stayed below deck. One person may have gotten sick. We were on a tilt. We survived (BARELY I THINK BUT WHATEVER WE MADE IT).

Here’s some proof. Note all of the photos of Ashil just laying around like a doofus

DREW$, the boss

DREW$, the boss


Were we scurrrrred? Yes. You might notice that we’re on an angle at that point. Turns out that 20+ knots in the Bay can be scary.

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