Rubber Watches: if you’re into rubber watches, you’re into Modify Watches

Rubber Watches - Modify Watches

Some of things we at Modify love the most are made of rubber: the Aerobie (man those things flew far), the exercise ball (otherwise there would be no fun chairs at Modify HQ) and of course Modify’s rubber watches.

The straps for all Modify Watches are made of a UV-coated silicon rubber.  We chose this because rubber allows us to best deliver on our Modify promise: Fashionable, Flexible, Modifiable, Dope.   No rubber would mean diminished flexible, less fashionable and certainly reduced dope.  And who wants that?

The use of rubber also ensures that you can use your Modify as a sports watch, as it’s rugged material will allow you to swim, run, and climb without worries.  And without stink. (not a small benefit)

What makes our watches different from other customized watches is that we designed every element of our straps.  From the Modify embossing in the band and catch, to the intricate locking system that keeps your Modify housed snugly in the strap – we’ve thought of it all.   We even provide two “catches” (the piece that you tuck the excess strap in) so that you can mix and match them with other straps for color variety.

What’s the moral of this story?  1) Rubber watches are awesome. 2) Eat your vegetables.

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