Revive the Dream and Modify Watches – This Month’s Together Partnership

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Meet the Revive the Dream Institute, Modify’s non-profit partner this month. If you missed our partnership last month, check out WonderRoot . As part of our efforts to revive the dream, we’ll donate $20 of each Together  watch face to their organization. Let’s make this happen and raise some money!

Modify Watches is excited to work with the Dream Team from RTD!

The Together Watch - $20 of each face will go to RTD!

Here’s the background on RTD and why we at Modify care. Revive the Dream Institute is a new organization and they want to improve education in America. Why?  Because right now it just isn’t good enough.  Here are the statistics:

  • “Only 10% of 9th graders in Chicago Public Schools will earn a Bachelor’s Degree in 10 years”
  • “Male high school dropouts were 47 times more likely than a college graduate to be incarcerated”
  • “Despite a doubling of spending since the mid-1970s average educational attainment has stagnated”

There is definitely a problem and RTD is equipped for a solution. They recruit and train fellows who are already leaders in business, law, medicine and civic work. These leaders then become active education advocates through a one-year, 10 course seminar. After training, these fellows work to improve education for under-served children by partnering with high-impact non-profits in the education space. You’ll see Revive the Dream fellows on the board for new charter schools, improving the finance/operations of public schools, fundraising, and organizing parent rallies. The founder and ModiFamily member, Michael Rosskamm, is also a man who practices what he preaches. After attending business school, he now serves as a middle school principal in Chicago.

We’re excited that our interchangeable watches  can help the Revive The Dream Institute  this month and be sure to keep an eye out for our features and stories from the RTD team.

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