Reminder To Particpate: June Partnership With Generosity Water


Today we are doing a friendly reminder of our June partnership with Generosity Water. Have you participated in this great cause? Take a minute to learn about the mission of Generosity Water and how you can participate. You’ll feel good knowing you helped out a brother and a sister somewhere else in the world.

What is the mission of Generosity Water?

They have taken upon themselves the noble mission of ending the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time!

generosity water the numbers

Interesting facts:

  • – Nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water (That’s 3 times the population of the United States)
  • – Limited access to clean drinking water, insufficient sanitation, and poor hygiene kill more people than wars, famine, and aids combined. (About 3.6 million annually)
  • – Water equals life
  • – No water is greater than weapons

How can you support?

There are three ways you can support:

1. Purchase anyone of our ‘Together’ watch sets (We will donate $20 from each purchase)

2. Purchase the pool party blue strap (We will donate 25% from each purchase)

3. Donate directly.

Will you support this great cause?

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