Modify QR Code Watch – Because simply reading time on your watch is soooo 2011

Modify Watches QR Code Watch

Modify is proud to launch the QR Code Watch.  To which you may be thinking any of the following:

  1. “Um… you made WHAT?!?!?”
  2. “But where are the hands???”
  3. “Why would I use my phone to look up a QR code when it says the time on my phone???”
  4. “Where are my pants???”

As you’ve come to expect, Modify Watches all your answers:

  1. We made a watch.  With no hands.  And a QR code that you can scan to get the time.   Are you impressed yet?
  2. Hands?  We must have forgot them.  But do you really miss them?  We felt for this design that it just took away from the beauty of the QR code.
  3. Fair question.  But if someone asks you for the time – what would impress them more?  Reading the time off your watch?  Or scanning your watch and telling them the time?  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  And fresh watches with a QR code will no doubt leave an impression.
  4. Did you check the fridge?

The QR Code watch is available on our website, as well as through our Watch of the Month club (Modify of the Month!).  Build your own watch, let us suggest a few for you, or see what our ModiFamily thinks!

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