Pro Cyclist Shows Her Colors


I am a professional cyclist. Well, I was until I recently retired this past February after finishing my last race of the season in the Netherlands. My cycling career spanned 15 years on the road and six years in the mud, dirt and snow – that would be cyclocross. In 2013 the premier event for cyclocross was held in Louisville, KY. It was the World Championships. The World Championships! And Modify Watches was a partner.


Early in 2012 Modify released their announcement as a partner of the Cyclocross World Championships. Attached to the article was a photo of women racing. Actually, the shot was of a pile-up in the sand – bikes and bodies on top of each other. And who was front and center in that photo? Me.


Insert light bulb flashing here. I shot an email to Aaron Schwartz, one of the founders of the company, about a personal partnership with Modify. I explained that I was a professional cyclist and was preparing to be one of the six female riders who would represent the US at the World Championships in KY. He wrote back essentially saying, ‘thanks but no thanks’. I wrote back and said, ‘ahem, I am in the photo you are using to promote your partnership with the event.’ My phone rang a few seconds later.


From that conversation, a fun and colorful (no pun intended) relationship started between Modify and me. Thanks to awesome folks at Modify, I now have a plethora of mods to choose from to match my cycling kit or my daily attire. I even have plenty of pink mods to help market my own fundraising project for a non-profit breast cancer foundation in Ft Collins, CO.


I am not afraid of color. The brighter, the better. The walls in my house are a bold orange, red and yellow. When I put my mods together I go purple and orange. Red and pink. I say bring it. You want it? Modify has got it.


And now Modify has stepped further into the cycling arena with their first cycling specific watch! I’d like to think that I’ve had some influence with this project as Aaron, Ayo (the Office Running Back as he is officially/affectionately known) and I have had many conversations about how I believe Modify can thrive in the cycling community.


Cyclists are ‘gear heads’ and they want everything to coordinate. Our helmets need to match our glasses need to match our clothing need to match our shoes need to match out socks need to match our bike. So why not a watch that matches, too? Or maybe it doesn’t match but clashes instead – ‘cuz that’s cool, too.


Aaron. Ayo. They are cool dudes. I can only imagine that the rest of the Modify crew is just like them – downright fabulous. And I am pretty damn lucky to know these guys because I like to be groovy, funky and stylish, too.


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