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[editor’s note: Miz Harwood (secret name!) has offered to write an ongoing blog in order to highlight what’s going on in the “real” world. We’re so busy studying watches that water cooler conversations have become so boring: “Have you heard about that new watch that tells time? Yes.” Get excited.]

Hello Modify fans!

Welcome welcome to your new weekly gossip dish!

As you may have already heard, Canadian heartthrob Ryan Reynolds wed the beautiful Blake Lively in a top-secret ceremony in South Carolina in early September.  While they make a stunning couple and I wish them all the happiness, my heart is breaking as I had my heart set on Ryan fathering my children.  Looks like Canada’s other heartthrob Ryan (Gosling) gets to step into that role!  FYI: Photos of the grand event will be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings in December.

In true Hollywood fashion, rumors are flying that the new Mrs. Reynolds is pregnant though confirmation is lacking – a photo of the alleged “baby bump” which is more than likely a quick snap after she ate a burger for lunch.

In other baby news, gossip lines are afire with news that the princess is pregnant with twins!  Rumor has it Kate has gained weight, is showing a tiny bump (also possibly a burger baby), and is opting for water instead of wine.  This will be exciting indeed if it turns out there is any truth behind this one.  I promise to keep you posted on how this develops.

Congratulations go out to Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa who recently welcomed their son Camden and to Drew Barrymore who gave birth to a daughter, Olive.


This week in history…

In 1995 OJ Simpson was acquitted of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.  Exactly 13 years later, he was sentenced to 33 years in prison on charges related to a Las Vegas incident.  Crazy!


Until next week!

Miz Harwood

p.s., let me know if you know the guy below, my namesake

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