NYT: Is it Bigger than a Breadbox? Modify Watches is working on it!

Modify Mini and Classic - Red Polka Face, Green Strap

At Modify HQ, extra time is a scare commodity.  With all the recent packaging and shipping for our holiday GMA deal and the designing of new fresh watches, the daily news does not always get read…. except when our awesome customers send it to us  (please keep doing so!).

The New York Times recently ran an article on the increased popularity of large watches, titled “Is it Bigger than a Breadbox?” .  The article discusses how watch brands like U-Boat, Panarei and Omega are releasing increasingly larger watches to satisfy customer demand.  The watch industry, which had always been conservative in the size of the watch, has seen a shift in consumer demand and a preference towards characteristics in watches, like size, which are purely fashion related, instead of function.

The official response from Modify Watches HQ (in case the New York Times calls us for a quote) is: “Uhhh… yeah. We know.”  Modify has been cranking out over-sized awesomeness since 2010!

While we know that customers love our large watch sizes, we also know that customers want choice. With that in mind we built Modify 2.0, adding new features like 3.0 ATM water resistance, but most of all creating two sizes: Mini and Classic.  The Mini is 1.125 inches by 1.125 inches, with about a 9 inch strap, while the Classic is 1.4 inches by 1.4 inches with about a 9 inch strap.

The moral of the story?  Read the New York Times, send us articles, build your own watch and be like Tom Cruise.

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