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Blog: Watch Match Maker
Highlights: “Where Modify watch soars is in the design, which is very modern and takes its cues from Bauhaus with its geometric lines and forms: a circular dial within a square palette.”
“What was the reaction to me wearing this watch? I was stunned to find that I was constantly stopped in the streets by people telling me how cool it was. There’s something about the Modify that grabs people’s attention and keeps them looking. I had several guys who own high end watches, including Patek Philippe and Panerai, admire the watch.”
“he Modify makes no claim to be something it’s not. It’s a playful, fun watch for both sexes that adds some personality to an outfit and it won’t tear a hole in your pocket.”

Blog: Dagmar*s Momsense
Highlight: “these watches will be a conversation piece for sure! They are so different. I like that you can create one for every occasion or person’s personality. And check out their website – these guys have a great sense of humor!”

Blog: Family and Life in Las Vegas
Highlight: “I love using bold accessories to complete an outfit. And when it comes to bold, Modify Watches have cornered the market! Modify Watches has infinite combinations to create, and they have a name for all of them!”
Blog: Simplified $aving
Highlight: “Modify Watches makes watches that fit the bill for whatever I need. Seriously…this company puts the fun in both functional andfunky! […] Whether you’re a teenager, a mom, or even a dad, you can modify a watch to make it work for you!

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