Need to make a good first impression? Try a Modify!

The Orchestra office holiday Christmas tree, with Modify goodness for all

The Orchestra office holiday Christmas tree, with Modify goodness for all

Not too long ago, in the era we describe fondly as “December”, a core member of the ModiFamily and frequent contributor to many of our hair-brained schemes, Peter Bromka (@bromka), changed jobs to join the small but pretty wildly successful Orchestra team (@orchestra), which produces the Orchestra To-Do mobile app that won the Apple App Store’s Productivity App of the Year for 2011 (No. Big. Deal.)

As we all try to do, Pete wanted to make a strong first impression on his new team as he just started the important process of fitting in, learning where the bathroom was, and sometimes even cranking on some awesome work.   So who did Peter turn to in order to solve this predicament?   Oprah?  Nope, not on the air anymore (at least not free air).  Jesus?  Good guess, but Pete has never met Tim Tebow.  The answer of course is that Pete turned to Modify Watches.

With a few clicks of the mouse, Pete had nine individually packaged Modify Watch sets on its way to Orchestra HQ.  And how did they go over?  Well, it turns out that a build your own watch was the perfect gift for a company that built its own incredible app.  As expected, Pete’s co-workers followed the classical Four Stages of Modification that often accompanies receipt of a gift of Modify (like the Magi, but better):

Needless to say, Pete’s gift of Modify was well received, and based on the smiles in the photos above, we’d be shocked if he was not immediately fast tracked to be the Chairman of the Board, or at least given first choice of donuts on Friday mornings.  That’s what a Modify can do.  Be impressed.

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  1. gentry says:

    around here we refer to pete as giggles. just fyi.

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