Nappy Roots X Modify Watches Collab

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You may know Nappy Roots from their early 2000’s classics like Awnaw, Po’ Folks ft. Anthony Hamilton, or Good Day, among others. We got a chance to talk to the Grammy-nominated, platinum selling southern Hip Hop group to discuss our latest Modify Watches collaboration.


It’s been a very cool experience getting to create our own Modify Watch. We’ve been rocking them for a while now and we love ’em. We even got our kids into them and they really love them now too, so to be able to create our own Nappy Roots face, that was really dope.

We had a couple different design concepts. One of them was the farm animals with the afros, which is something we’ve been playing around with and were feeling for a while now, and the other was a character that’s been associated with Nappy Roots from the beginning, called Lil’ Yuk, who had a speaking appearance on our first and second albums.

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We put both of the concepts out there and the fans came back and actually chose the newer one, the farm animals with the fros, and the rooster in particular. We think it’s pretty cool that this is the one that came out on top because the rooster has also been with Nappy for a long time. On our first album, Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz from 2002, we actually had 2 roosters in the top left and right corners of the cover, so that kinda gave us the inspiration for this design.


The actual face was designed by Boris Mosesyan, who has done some great design work for us in the past and we were really happy with how it came out. It’s pretty great timing too because Nappy Roots is about to release a solo project from two of our members and our producer, called the 40 Akerz project. We actually just did a video for the first single with XXL freshman Jarren Benton, and we were wearing Mods in the video. We also have a couple other vids we’re sitting on in preparation of launching this new album which we just wrapped up, and we’re really excited to release it to the world, along with these watches!

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and Modify has been so cool to us over the years, so we’re just happy we finally got a chance to collab with them ‘n keep it Nappy!

– Nappy Roots

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