Name This Mod + Outfit Combinations To Go With It

pink mod

Today we released a new mod to the 2013 summer collection. What do you think of it? It’s a pink strap with a light camo face. In this post today, I want to accomplish 2 things: first, see what you would name this mod; second, give you some ideas as to what you can wear with this mod.

1. What would you name this mod?

I’m naming it ‘Army Girl’. Our facebook fans are giving it the following names:

a. Redneck Woman

b. Girlie with an edge

c. Hillbilly hottie

d. Pretty in Pink

e. G.I. Jane

f. and many more, log into facebook and let us know what you’d name it. :)

2 What could you wear with it?

Girls just look amazing in pink. There are a number of outfits that would go with this mod, but I have one outfit in mind. When I think of the girl who would wear this, I picture her wearing a hat that has a short brim, light camo cargo shorts, and a white shirt. For shoes, I’d say some hiking boots or some running shoes, but I’ll leave the shoes up to you. That’s tough for a guy..

What would you wear with this pink mod? I’d love to hear what you’re thinking!


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